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monochrome plaid shirt man Brims often made a pointed shape over the forehead from 1887. A fashion for bonnets without strings, which came again in 1888, makes it difficult to distinguish between a bonnet and a toque of this date. Added bonus: I’ve managed to wear one for almost a year without losing it – a nearly unthinkable feat for someone as forgetful and absentminded as me, which I can only attribute to the unique shape and my excitement to use it. This one may seem a little redundant with the sleep cap, but a silk pillowcase is an investment I made later in my curly journey to help preserve my curls. I didn’t think I’d be able to sleep with something on my head the first time, but after a while I got so used to it that I find it comforting, like a signal to my body that it’s time for bed. You can find the original InvisiBobbles at Target, or the pictured version in Clear, Black, and other colors at Ulta (currently on sale, at the time of writing!).

It also comes with hair pins, so you can quickly pin your hair up in a bun to keep it from getting crazy overnight. Because of my personal experience, I consider myself a pro when it comes to knowing how to keep curls looking great overnight. Admittedly, mine are clips I found in a drawer of hair accessories at home, but if I were to go looking for them I’d probably pick up these and these at Target. For shorter hair – like mine was when I first started my journey – hair at the base of the skull can slip out of the sleep cap. Grace Eleyae: Grace Eleya, the creator of the “Slap” (satin-lined sleep cap), sells silk turbans, headbands, and silk pillowcases. Mismatch: Launched by Anisha Rice in 2019, Mismatch sells silk pillowcases that match a cotton sheet set for those who want a matching set without the high price tag. She sells a set of silk pillowcases for $119.00. Sleep with a silk or satin pillowcase, headscarf, or cap, which allows hair to slide as you toss and turn while sleeping. I’d heard that getting a sleep cap would help preserve my curls overnight, but I underestimated just how effective it would be.

With lockdown in place, I knew I’d have plenty of opportunities to let my hair transition to curls without anyone seeing the not-so-great hair days. There are plenty of companies online that sell silk sheets and pillowcases, but if you want to support Black entrepreneurs, here are two female Black-owned business owners who currently sell silk pillowcases and other products for a queen on the come up. Silk sleep accessories like pillowcases, head wraps, and scarves are practically magic. Try to place the knot in a location where it won’t bother you while you sleep (e.g., silk satin bonnet tie it at the front if you sleep on your back or in the back if you sleep on your stomach). Have curly hair and want to keep it in place all night? My cat likes to nibble and pull my hair in the night, which makes it challenging to keep my hair up and protected overnight.

Designed with silk inside and out, your hair will rest as peacefully as you do throughout the night, frizz-free. Sleeping on silk will make you feel like a queen who won’t settle for less. As someone who can’t eat, drive, or work without tying my hair back, I was dealing with my hair ties pulling out pieces of hair with them multiple times a day. I suspect that it was my overuse of my hair straightener on the pieces of hair framing my face that’s the culprit, but nonetheless it was discouraging. They also somehow don’t leave that “ponytail bump” that can ruin a good hair day within a few minutes of wear. Thankfully such incidents are rare, but being an officer in London can be tough and officers can face danger every day. They are far more gentle than using those tiny rubber bands, and cause less breakage than bobby pins. I may eventually make more for Ulta and other stores.