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With just a few bucks, you’d already be able to receive a high quality satin bonnet for your use. Do not use bleach and allow to hang dry. MADE FOR TRAVEL: Perfect for use away from home, in hotels, and airplanes. The extra-large size fits almost any size head and is perfect for holding natural hair, braids, weaves, rollers, hair clamps, long hair, and up-dos. Can be used at home, spas, salons, hotels, and airplanes. I struggle with maintaining my natural hair when it’s not in a protective style. What’s great about this option is that it’s available in a lot of different colours you could choose from which are: black, bronze (which is the most expensive out of all the options), crimson (which is also one of the most expensive), light blue, light brown, navy blue (which is the cheapest among all of the options), orange, pink, red, white, and yellow. We are here to provide you one of the best silk products across the US. New high-tech products always get lots of press, but sometimes the best things in your kitchen, your closet or your tool kit are at the lower end of your budget.

While you shouldn’t get into the habit of sleeping with wet hair unless you have a bonnet or protective serum, it’s not the end of the world. Secure your wrap. After you have moisturized, and braided or pineappled your hair, place your silk wrap on your head. PERFECT FIT: Soft, comfortable elastic band holds hair gently in place. It’s designed to have an elastic band that would securely and snuggly fit the satin bonnet on your head even as you sleep. If you have curly hair (or just want to rock a cute bonnet), this Faziah Satin-Lined Bonnet($25) will look superstylish whether you’re bare faced or glammed up. Your hair will still have a fresh and vibrant appearance the next morning. I still tie my hair up at night to this day – and have one in every colour and size, which I rotate depending on whether my hair is straight or curly. Ideal for shorter haircuts, this Silke London The Poppy Hair Wrap ($59) comes in a vibrant colour and silky exterior that also looks and feels very luxe.

The way we look and the perception of our looks should not influence the way we are treated. ZIMASILK’s high-quality mulberry silk is a hypoallergenic, smooth, soft, and breathable fabric that allows your body to reduce cortisol levels, relax better and get you a better quality of sleep, all of which are leading anti-aging indicators. FINEST MATERIAL: Mulberry silk is hypoallergenic, super-soft and breathable. ForPro Premium 100% Silk Sleep Hair Cap is made from 100% mulberry silk to provide the most comfortable, lightweight and breathable sleeping cap to keep hair looking beautiful the next morning. Oh man, we haven’t even discussed how to keep hair from knotting while sleeping, which is a total nightmare. Unlike other overnight hair bonnets, silk cap for curly hair this overnight cap doesn’t slip off or slide around while you catch up on your beauty sleep. As soon as you’re out of the shower, you just slip them on and get going. It has a large size which measures 20 inches so that you could even curl and roll your hair in the night before going to sleep so that you would get the perfect curls when you wake up in the morning.

It was quite amusing, we knew the stop sign was coming up so we could get help,’ Ms Hudson told the Courier Mail. After your first solo wash during transitioning, you realize that nothing you knew about your hair is true anymore. I’m sure we can all remember our first trip to Target before our inaugural natural-hair wash day. Now that I’m older, I wish it was something I had started doing years ago. The difference between a bonnet and toque of this time was marked only by the strings of the bonnet, now narrow-an inch wide or less-and fixed well at the back. Warehouse Order Processing Time included. This Kitsch Black Satin Head Scarf ($12) comes with three silky flaps that make it easy to tie up your hair and keep it secure. This Vernon Francois Sleep-In Silk Cap ($25) comes with a convenient black band so you can secure it on your head without worrying about it sliding off when you sleep. To quote Mean Girls, the limit does not exist when it comes to styling options. Expedite FedEx Express shipping options are available at checkout. Cotton and other cheap imitations or low-quality silk brands are harsh on the skin and hair, causing wrinkles, knotted and tangled hair, as well as skin irritation.

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